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A Science Fiction Anthology 2023

I’m hyped to be able to share something memorable with everyone! As I mentioned in the last post: here Future’s Lens is an anthology created by the Write Team focused on sci-fi tales diving into the unknown.

To get a preview of this I’m providing the description below and the ebook cover. While this story will be available on the site, it will also be on all of your favorite retailers too!

Live on January 24th, 2023

A Science Fiction Anthology by the Write Team

Five storytellers from Inexhaustible Media’s Twitch-based Writeteam converge on science fiction with stories from cyberpunk adventure to aliens & space opera.

Deke by danger zones rife with nefarious companies, multiverse threats and unexpected adventures in space colonies. A man with a singular focus must keep his mind busy before he acts on impulses that could expose his secret. A woman discovers reality twisted, when searching for her friend and finding the father she didn’t know she was missing. A Captain of the space fleet defends her crew from disorienting multiverse destruction. A single mom risks jeopardizing the security of her family to save two young lives in an engineered colony. A war hero from the wrong side of victory ducks through cyberpunk discotheques in 2079’s London, with an assassin on his techo-tail.

In Tristan by prolific author Sylvain St-Pierre, Tristan hides many things from the quiet sleepy space colony, where he lives. Chief among them how dangerous he is when he no longer has anything to occupy his mind. 

Alledria Hurt gives us Florin, where after losing her best friend to the company that made her, Florin seeks his return only to find the father she didn’t know she was missing. 

Newcomer David Payne explodes in space with Wraith and Spectre. Captain Rita Olsen didn’t sign up for an encounter with “something out there”, leading Earth’s space fleet to investigate an anomaly in the outer reaches of the solar system. How will the first defense of Earth fare against this alien force? 

The peace of a secure colony is interrupted by the piercing scream of a child slamming to the surface. Raya, a single mother is compelled to protect the vulnerable, leading her to unexpected situations. Can she hide her secrets and protect her children? See the ferocity of a single mother raising her fists in Family Expansion by Catrina Taylor. 

Pursued and alone, Demyan Anastas survived eight years of war to get to the City of London, with the world’s secrets in his pocket deck. Retreating into a vaporwave holographic discotheque, will Demyan find refuge or retaliation in Sapha Burnell’s prequel to NEON Lieben, CageWire?

In the conversation to come you’ll get the pleasure of reading interviews with members of the team. Everyone pitched in with the anthology in one capacity or another.

Make sure to visit their sites and share this post!

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