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Stream Team


Write Team/Wordsmiths Guild

A Twitch Stream Team with members all over the globe. It began as a way to support one another, encourage growth, and share victories. It will continue to grow in size, scope, and mission.

Mother, Author, Streamer

Catrina is a writing streamer. Streaming begins early mornings. She thrives on community building, supporting others, and creating.

She focuses her world on her family, faith, and writing. You can connect with her on most social media platforms as TheLadyWrites.

brown and black tiger in close up photography

Tiger, Author, Streamer

As a writing streamer, Kindar strives to create a relaxing, productive stream filled with fun, conversation, and creativity. He enjoys chatting and looks forward to expanding his already vast collection of books available to the public.

Once a week he does a live and recorded Read and Correct. Uploading them to YouTube allows others to follow along on one step of his editing process, as well as enjoy a preview of his stories.

You can find him on Twitch 5 days a week at TheTigerWrites

man holding white ceramic teacup

Editor, Author, Streamer

Sapha aka UsurperKings and all her other things will go here.

Author, Streamer, Friend

Miya is amazing…

Scifi Author, Streamer, Podcaster

Celinda writes great stories with fun twists.

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