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Stream Team Interest


Write Team/Wordsmiths Guild

A Twitch Stream Team with members all over the globe. It began as a way to support one another, encourage growth, and share victories. It will continue to grow in size, scope, and mission.

What follows is for those interested in becoming a part of our Writing Stream Team.


Stream Team Members will:

Support one another and celebrate individual successes (e.g. releasing a book or completing a goal)

Stream regularly for the support of our audience.

Communicate regularly and plan accordingly.

Keep our stream chats free of hate and bigotry, and open to anyone of like mind.

Endeavor to have fun, do writing sprints, create community, and WRITE.

(P.S.) Sometimes the team has stuff to give away.

Raid Philosophy

We will look for each other first. In the event we don’t have a teammate on, we will look for a new writing streamer.

Supporting Writers

We are a team. As such, we support one another freely and openly. We aren’t going to limit ourselves to our teammates. This writing community is a global, forward moving and active group. We are a team, but we are part of a much larger whole. The writing community is global, forward-moving, and active. We seek to be a positive, supportive, and encouraging part of our community.

Some examples of how we may do this are:

Trying to help other writers get to 50 to become an affiliate. You might find our team working together to give support and encouragement to someone returning to the twitch or youtube platform after a vacation.

Our goal will always be to offer value to our chat, but also to our community as a whole.

Challenges and Events

31 Days 31 Stories is a month long event running in January and August annually. The challenge involves creating a short story every day for one month. We aim to complete each story within 24 hours. That could be midnight to midnight or wake up to bedtime, doing what works best for you to be able to complete the challenge at the target you want to complete it at. You can get more information on the 31 days page.

… with more to come.


If you read this far and are still interested:

Please DM TheLadyWrites on Discord– the first ten to show interest will join the first organizers and goal setting as a team. We’ll work together to develop strategies, offer support, and create a network that helps each other grow in business and streaming. From there we’ll learn how to integrate new streamers into the core team and grow together.

The next ten or so will be moved to a waiting list, which we’ll reach out to.

Once we have a rhythm, our team will open first to the waitlist, then to the public.

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