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Future’s Lens – An Anthology

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Really, there’s a lot of things to catch everyone up on. We’ll start with one of the things I’m excited about!

Future’s Lens is an upcoming Sci-Fi Anthology from authors and creators on the Write Team – With five authors, and distinct adventures ahead you’ll be able to dive into some fun tales from a polite figure hiding dark intentions to a family growing into themselves. There is so much more to offer!

Starting this week, I get the pleasure of introducing you to the authors here on the site! They are already on the team page, but now you’ll get a preview of their awesomeness too!

Our Anticipated Release Date: Jan. 24th, 2023

Cover Reveal Date: Jan 15th, unless you find Future’s Lens on BookSprout!

Watch for the interviews to go live shortly.

InExhaustible Authors

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