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Shared Universe

Mani Ecumenopolis often called City of Mani and the City

Founded in 2074 by a collaborative effort that stemmed from both commercial and governmental resources. The United Nations maintains direct oversight of this city.

The International Space States (ISS) – formerly the partner states of the ISS all invested in the endeavor. This includes the principles of The Russian Federation, the United States of America, Canada, the member states of the European Union, and Japan.

The commercial space companies created a joint coalition that enabled the establishment of a landing location. Around this location, the ecumenopolis sprouted up. Initially, scientific laboratories and small bunk homes launched within weeks of the base opening. Some parts of the main city are under the surface in volcanic tunnels. Over the course of the following twenty years, activities, industries, and opportunities are created in a multinational location.

Dedicated sections of the city encapsulate the cultural and traditional environments on Earth. With this in mind, the city is laid out in circular sectioned areas. The first areas to pop up included sections for Canada, Russia, and Japan. The city center remained multicultural. This multicultural section is the oldest, but continues to develop extensive and elaborate options, empowering people from all walks of life to not only move to the moon city but also thrive there.

Further out from the city, on the far side of the sphere of tidal influence, the Chinese develop their own scientific locations, mining operations, and specific to their goals opportunities. The lunar city residents are open to working with the lunar citizens in the ISS city development.

Currently Established Technologies

Magnetic footwear allows wearers to experience near earth gravity while wearing them both inside homes and on the streets in the covered dome of the city.

Dome is pressurized and ever evolving. There are machines gathering lunar dust and debris, processing it, and turning it into a fresh layer to expand the city at all times.

Trash is recycled, either as fuel for vehicles in the city, or as materials to recreate items the city needs.

Water comes from the polar regions, Earth, and elsewhere.

Ships coming from the Earth’s surface can be from the known commercial agencies, or new ones. Ships can create tourism stops or orbit for similar.

Oxygen is circulating, being filtered, and we funnel fresh oxygen in through a variety of means.

When needed, grey water is used to absorb cosmic radiation between panels in the dome.

Mining equipment used on the moon is modified for the lower gravity.


All stories will have a near future creative feel. This applies to technologies, services, opportunities, and industries.

Stories in this world can cover any genre or story type. The city can be smaller if the story is set in the late 2070s and beyond. It can be larger if set after 2110. It can be the size of half the sphere if set after 2150.

Near future technologies but not magical setting. We don’t want waving of hands to create differences.

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