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Updates at InExhaustible

To begin with:

Writer’s Conduit was a smashing success! Once again, for the second year running, things have gone well. We ran more than 50 panels over 3 days in all timezones. The incredible event hosted hundreds this year. We have so many more to look forward to for next year. Make sure you visit to get on the newsletter and information.

Write Team Stream Team

As many know, on Twitch there are teams of gamers called Stream Teams. Groups who support one another and a common goal. We’ve been building a team of writers who stream, a Writing Stream Team called the Write Team. This team is dedicated to supporting one another and our community at large. We stream regularly at different times and in different timezones.

You can find out more about the individual streamers at our Stream Team Page.

We have a few projects in the works. The first of which is going to be supporting 31 short stories authors, writers, and world builders. We’ll be overhauling the guide book to include things such as where to submit your stories for publication, promotion, or list building.

There are also upcoming talks about a Stream Team Annual anthology to look forward to. The whole team is built by wonderful authors and community supporters. I know we’ll be able to see things come together.

black and white happy birthday balloon

A 31 days centered anthology is in discussion as well. Whether it happens in August or January remains to be seen, but it is something to be excited about. Whatever we aim to do, it’s going to be Charity Driven with 31 Days. Watch this space for consistent updates.

31 Short Stories is coming up next month! I can’t wait. Things are going to be amazing as usual. We are transferring many of the prompts here. We are going to be releasing a new edition to the Guide Book and there’s a lot more to look forward to. Expect more updates during this month as we progress in that direction. Visit the 31 Days page on this site under challenges to get signed up for the event!


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