NixFlare writes as Phoenyx Lee, weaving worlds of fun and imagination so vivid you can’t put the story down.

Can you introduce yourself to those who may not be familiar with your work and share a bit about your role as the host of a live stream?

I’m Phoenyx Lee, or NixFlare on social media and Twitch, and I stream Monday through Friday starting around 6:30am MT. We do five to seven 40 minute writing sprints with music playing with 10- to 15-minute breaks between. On Wednesdays, the community and I do world-building exercises or critiques.

You can expect to find the occasional gaming stream, especially if I can raise money for charity while playing.

As an author, do you have specific writing genres that you are particularly passionate about? How do these preferences influence your contributions to the live streams?

I grew up reading Jacqueline Carey, Robert Jordan, David Farland, and Terry Goodkind. Fantasy is my favourite genre, and I try to reflect that with the ever-burning fire and witchy vibes. 

What inspired you to host a live stream? 

When I first started streaming, I wanted to work on my art as a promotional tool. When I realized my work computer wasn’t strong enough to manage it, I switched to gaming on my desktop until I found the writing community and my Twitch home.

As an Author Streamer, how do you prepare for a live stream?

After making coffee, I toddle down to my studio. Once the computer is running and unlocked, I open my daily checklist that walks through all my settings and what order to open everything. If I don’t use it, even after a year of doing this, I always miss something important. 

How do you approach fostering community engagement?

I try to be someone who is warm and welcoming to everyone who says hello. You can also use channel points to keep the fire burning.

Can you share a story from your streaming of another author or chat participant that stands out to you as a positive memorable moment? 

When I was raising money for the Starlight Children’s Foundation with the 1UP Gaming Festival, my community worked together to reach and beat the event’s goal while wore a red panda onesie. It was an incredible moment for me as a new streamer. 

Do you have any streaming events coming up? 

April 25 is my Affiliate Anniversary on Twitch, and I’ll be hosting a long stream with community games. I am also taking part in the 1UP Gaming Festival again this year, where I’ll be playing Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.

What writing projects can we look forward to from you? 

On top of the pieces included in TheWriteTeam anthologies, I have an urban fantasy series in the works, and a co-authored series in the early stages. 

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