The Lady Writes

Catrina Taylor, aka TheLadyWrites, is a creative streamer with a chill atmosphere. She is the author of more than 60 books, and is primarily a scifi author with a passion for helping others.

Can you introduce yourself to those who may not be familiar with your work and share a bit about your role as the host of a live stream?

I am a science fiction author with dozens of books released. As a host of a live stream, I endeavor to create a productive, welcoming, and encouraging space for anyone to land and work together. We write, create, play a game together, and generally get stuff done.

As an author, do you have specific writing genres that you are particularly passionate about? How do these preferences influence your contributions to the live streams?

I write usually create science fiction. As to influencing the streams, it isn’t something that really comes up in conversation, but we will occasionally discuss the world or universe the stories are set in. There is a universe open to my stream community to write and publish in as well.

What inspired you to host a live stream? 

About 4 years ago, I looked for a digital community to call home. Not finding exactly what worked for me, my search led me to Twitch. In my time on twitch, there are so many wonderful streamers that have welcomed me. This welcoming, encouraging atmosphere made it easy to join in with my own stream.

As an Author Streamer, how do you prepare for a live stream?

My day begins feeding our pride of kitties. We have the crazy cat lady starter kit. While doing that, it’s easy to find inspiration and motivation to move onto the next step. By the time I’m at the computer the mind is moving.

Stream Raiders begins, OBS is next, and assessing the goal for the stream follows. Usually this is writing, but sometimes it’s the business of writing, such as websites, editing, cover art, and the like.

How do you approach fostering community engagement?

It’s important to ask questions where possible, respond to comments in the chat in a timely manner, and continue to empower the community when the opportunity arises.

There are also two mascots for the stream – Penn our Penguin and Cized the Dragon. They encourage use of channel points, and add to the engagement.

Can you share a story from your streaming of another author or chat participant that stands out to you as a positive memorable moment? 

This is a tough question for me. I’ve got so many great moments to remember.

Let’s see…Early on Sean Arnold, aka BigfootBjornsen (at the time) clipped one of my cats jumping on my shoulder and causing so many to laugh.

I’ve hosted BookBrush on my stream a few times to introduce my community to a fantastic tool with great results. Kathleen Sweeny is fantastic to chat with and so wonderful with her teaching style.

There have been panel discussions, regular visitors, and so much more that comes to mind. I’ll try to update this question as we go.

Do you have any streaming events coming up? 

After hitting 1000 follows on my Twitch Platform, I’ve expanded to YouTube and soon Facebook as well. Additionally, I will be doing a ‘race to 10k words’. This is a race against myself to see how long it would take to get to 10,000 words in one sitting. That should be coming up this weekend.

What writing projects can we look forward to from you?

There are many in the works. Some are in my name, others are in pen names. The ones in my name include the relaunch of the Xarrok Legacy series with the addition of 2 more books. There’s also a marketing book that’s finished and being read by early readers before being published wide.

Beyond that, we are working on the next anthology for the Write Team. I’m excited as the team is shifting and growing.

Connect with Catrina:
Twitch/Twitter(x)/Facebook as TheLadyWrites
TikTok/Twitter(x) as InExhaustibleMedia