Can you introduce yourself to those who may not be familiar with your work and share a bit about your role as the host of a live stream?

I am Kindar. I go by TheTigerWrites on Twitch and publish under the name of Sylvain St-Pierre as well as S. St-Pierre on Amazon and other E-Retailers. I write in a variety of genre but with a definite maturity to the themes. My work is not intended for children.

As an author, do you have specific writing genres that you are particularly passionate about? How do these preferences influence your contributions to the live streams?

I don’t really have specific genres I’m passionate about. I have a ‘I write what I feel like writing’ mentality, and what I feel like writing varies from time to time. 

I think the main thing it lets me contribute to the streams is a broadness of knowledge. I am no expert in genre, but I have written something in nearly all the large ones, except 2. I have yet to touch horror, and I will never, purposely, touch comedy. Those are just too tough to write correctly.

What inspired you to host a live stream? 

It was there.

That is kind of it. I was going to write, so why not do that out there, in ‘public’ and see what happens? At worse, I’d still be writing alone, and at best, I’d have people asking questions.

As an Author Streamer, how do you prepare for a live stream?

I get up, go through my morning routine, start OBS and start writing. The closest to ‘preparing’ anything I get is having built the writing schedule which governs what story I am working on at specific times.

How do you approach fostering community engagement?

I answer questions with as much respect as I can. I don’t know everything, but I remember being being at the start and not really having anyone I could turn to for answers on what I was doing (I started well before the internet was a thing) I also remember the sneering when I asked ‘dumb’ questions. I don’t ever want to make someone asking me a question feel how I felt then. 

Can you share a story from your streaming of another author or chat participant that stands out to you as a positive memorable moment? 

Do you have any streaming events coming up? 

I don’t do ‘events’. I just show up to write and make myself available for those who want to interact with me.

What writing projects can we look forward to from you? 

The current projects are Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings Dungeon Runner Series. Monday, Wednesday, Friday afternoons, Tristan series. Tuesday Morning, Read and Corrects. Tuesday afternoon, Monsters and Bad Men. Thursday Monring, The World Which Is. Thursday afternoon varies between Reads & Comments and personal writing.

Please provide a 2 to 3 sentence pitch for your live stream.

The Tiger Writes. It’s in his name. He also answers questions, and reads stuff.

Where can you be found around the internet (beyond our favorite Twitch)?