Can you introduce yourself to those who may not be familiar with your work and share a bit about your role as the host of a live stream?

I’m JP (he/they), a writer of things dark, strange, and queer, as well as a podcaster and editor. On streams, 95% of the time I run pomodoros where my mic is muted during working sessions and I have an on screen task list for viewers to add to and complete.

As an author, do you have specific writing genres that you are particularly passionate about? How do these preferences influence your contributions to the live streams?

When I am writing without a co writer, I focus primarily on cozy queer fiction with vibes of shows like Schitt’s Creek, Charmed, and Miyazaki Movies. This is also the same vibe that I gear the live streams toward. Outside of that, with my co writer, I write some darker paranormal academy, which helps balance things out.

What inspired you to host a live stream?
I’d been lurking in productivity streams for ages, but often ended up in foreign language streams during the ungodly time I do most of my work. While those are fun, it was hard to find connections there because I didn’t speak the same language. So because of that, and after a live interview with TelinArtho, I realized I could fill that gap with my own streams.

As an Author Streamer, how do you prepare for a live stream?
I am pure chaos. I wake up, make coffee, and roll into stream after arguing with the husky on if she’ll join me that morning or not.

How do you approach fostering community engagement?
My main goal with streaming is to foster a sense of accountability, both for myself and anyone that comes into chat. I focus on tasks, sharing progress, and being honest about the process of being a writer during breaks. However, on top of all that is my goofy chaotic side, where I’ll put on the occasional onesie or read some tarot cards. My hope is this transparency and fun attracts those who are looking for that accountability and fun. 

Additionally, I take feedback from the community and do my best to adapt to anything they may be interested in or anything I see working in other streams with my own spin on it.

Can you share a story from your streaming of another author or chat participant that stands out to you as a positive memorable moment? 
I found Nixflare through streaming. While I can’t pinpoint a specific moment, I can say that we became fast friends and I adore our co-streams. Usually, there is at least one giggle fit.

Do you have any streaming events coming up? Nothing specific.

What writing projects can we look forward to from you? 
I am working on a weekly cozy fantasy serial called Mosswood Apothecary, which is available on Kindle Vella, Ream, My website, and Ko-fi. I am also writing smut under a pen name, which is all because of a joke on my channel that became a channel point redeem (for me to write smut).

Where can people find you online? (outside of twitch)