June 2024 Update 1

This has been such a busy year so far. We’ve expanded our current book catalog, which will be available for direct sales from our store shortly. In addition to the books we’ve released this year, we’re also growing into artist designed content. Think comic books, art inspired by the stories, and graphic novels.

For this update, we’re going to focus on the Team. We’re looking forward to updating more as we have more to share. The next update we’ll talk about the expansive catalog for InExhaustible Media, then share some of what is comting next.

The Write Team has updated the logo. Small thing, but it feels fun and more engaging, which really fits for a team of writing live streamers.Besides releasing the new logo, we’ve also added two more to the team and two more anthology releases! On the horizon is game night, co-streams, and expansion to more platforms. Two of our teammates are sharing their incredible streams on YouTube and Twitch daily now.

TelinArtho and TheTigerWrites are both live streaming on YouTube. The same slots on Twitch as they are on YouTube. Telin is doing a mix of writing and submitting for the stream as well as some Dwarf Fortress. Kindar, TheTigerWrites, is doing his usual long stream where he’s open to questions and engagement on any aspect of the writing process.

Check out their channels linked above and say hi!

We’ve got a lot going on here that we are excited to share!

The first book we released this year was Kismet and Kisses – A Romance Anthology.

Celestial Bonds explores friends becoming lovers as navigator Kaia leans on mechanic Lucas while on family leave.

Jackal and Kroseph trace the unlikely sparking of something deeper between flirtatious fighter Jackal and disinterested server Kroseph.

Veteran Ranger Lyrea answers a call, finding the sender staged an attack to steal resources in Ranger Danger.

The second book released was Enchanted Revivals – Tales of Old, Now Retold

Explore the enigmatic world of The Painted Gate, where a mysterious portal holds the key to a life-alerting journey. Along the way, a mystery unravels, revealing answers decades in the making.

Watch as the moment arrives for Lady Guinevere to meet Arthur. First, she must rescue her father. 

Take a thrilling ride on the 415 Galactic Express, where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur. Discover the unexpected passenger’s secrets. Recover memories, or perhaps reveal them?

In the last six months, we’ve added two streamers to the team. NixFlare and ChesirePope both bring a great energy to the team with exciting contributions to the upcoming First Contact anthology to look forward to!